Our Pets Get Allergies Too

It’s that time of the year again. I know I’m suffering from horrible allergies and I bet you are too.

There’s so much pollen in the air that going outside drives me crazy. And being inside is much better, either! Apart from daily medication, there doesn’t seem to be much I can do. Which sucks, because the medicine only seems to work half of the time!

I’m still miserable this time of the year, and lets face it: our pets are too.

Animals suffer from allergies just like us. So if you’re not feeling your best, your pets probably aren’t either.

So does this mean they need to visit the vet? Maybe. It all depends on their symptoms.

Runny Eyes

Just like humans, pollen and other allergens in the air can cause your pets’ eyes to run. While the occasional runny eye isn’t an issue, keep a watchful eye. If you notice runny or goopy eyes all of the time, a vet visit may be in order.

While probably not life-threatening, this can be highly uncomfortable (as you can imagine).

Respiratory Problems

A more serious issue would be respiratory problems. Ever feel like you can’t breathe because of your allergies? It’s not fun. And for animals who don’t understand what’s going on, it can be miserable.

If you see your cat or dog having a hard time breathing, it’s time to call the doc. Snotty mucus around the nose and eyes can be another sign of trouble to watch for.

Although usually not too serious, this can be a serious risk in certain cases. Especially with older pets or those with preexisting health issues.

Constant Chewing

Few things can be more annoying for a pet (and pet owner) than a constant itch. Allergies can lead to chewing and scratching – sometimes to the extreme. This will turn into hair loss at best. More likely, however, your pet will scratch or chew their skin raw.

If your dog or cat is always scratching or chewing their skin from seasonal allergies, call the vet. There are way too many different scenarios this can lead to, and none are pleasant. If you notice extensive chewing or scratching, you’re better off stopping the problem before it gets more serious.

While not typically life-threatening, constant chewing can lead to skin infections and other issues.

I love my pets, and if you’re reading this, I’m sure you do too. We just forget that animals can have it just as bad as us sometimes. And when it comes to allergies, they certainly do.

So next time pollen has your crying and sneezing, make sure your pet isn’t dealing with the same.